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pub hormann 2018

Volets battants / Volets roulants - Mieux Vivre Stores et Fermetures

Shutters-Battants: Wood, Aluminum, PVC


Aluminum, wood, PVC, shutters are not without seductive arguments: wide range of colors, many models to suit all styles of housing and architecture, insulation materials that protect you from heat and cold…

  • Thermal and acoustic performance
    The swing shutter reinforces the thermal and acoustic insulation of your home and can manage light intake, contributing to energy savings.
  • A large maintenance and comfort of use
    Such as PVC, aluminum requires little maintenance. A simple cleaning with water is sufficient.
    And finished the shutters closed chore! The engine simplifies your life …
  • A wide range of choice
    Many colors and shutters models are available, from the most modern to the traditional.

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Shutters Renov’art PVC, Aluminium

Reliable, aesthetic and guarantee of safety, the rolling shutter “Nuancio” is the ideal solution to an existing window, under renovation.

  • Reliable, because of the lacquered aluminum, it offers high durability and easy maintenance.
  • Aesthetic because its three types of external boxes, in total harmony with the color of the deck, make it an architectural element that will fit the style of your home! In addition, the three formulas of laying (outdoor coil, indoor coil or the front panel) to adapt the roller shutter to your front and possibly to hide imperfections. And in any case to let as much light as possible!
  • guarantee of security, because equipped with automatic blockers that avoid the risk of lifting the deck.

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