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Windows / Patio-doors

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PVC windows:


The range “Excellence” of RENOV’ART offers a contemporary design with its rounded profile and a low energy window which helps to preserve the environment. Get creative and create your own window thanks to the many possible combinations!
Exceptional thermal performance to these windows with a thermal coefficient Uw = 0.9 * TH17 who qualifies for the tax credit.

The thermal and acoustic insulation is enhanced with triple glazing with Argon 44 mm Fe spacer Warm-Edge and a profile opening 78 mm with 5 chambres.Une maximum insulation for warmth, less noise and real savings for heating!

The Excellence window is also available in 28mm reinforced double glazing thermal (Uw = 1.3 * TH12): the perfect combination of a moderate budget and an efficient window!

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Renov’art EXCELLENCE range:

Composit joinery

Renov’art GENESIA

(New Product + light glazing Maximum)

Genesia the woodwork, designed by the manufacturer C2R, play the card of technological innovation … with a material used in aerospace!

Fenêtres / Portes fenêtres - Mieux Vivre Stores et Fermetures

The Genesia carpentry by Renov’art is designed from composite material Raufipro, combining PVC and fiberglass … and gets the best of both elements. The material, made in France, is 100% renewable.

Its physical properties are significant. It is twice as harsh as a traditional material. It also deforms significantly less to sunlight than other materials. This allows a better mechanical strength of the window, and a much better stability over time as PVC for example.

Advantages of the Genesia composite joinery

  • A gain of light
  • Excellent insulation
  • Available in many colors

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Aluminium windows and patio-doors by Renov’art

(Hidden opening strikes, visible opening, Slidings, brick partition …)

With their hidden opening profiles, aluminum  windows and doors Renov’art combine clarity and elegance always to let more light into the house, opening hidden providing 20% more light than a traditional aluminum window!

The thermal glazing reinforced by 24 mm allows our aluminum windows to achieve a thermal coefficient Uw = 1.7 * making them eligible for the tax credit.

Products advantages:

  • free maintenance
  • Available in many colors
  • Specific glazing (safety, noise ..)
  • Decorative Accessories

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Aluminium Renov’art range:

Fenêtres / Portes fenêtres - Mieux Vivre Stores et Fermetures

Wood joinery

ATULAM “Estibel” , “Estilou”, and “Tradilou” ranges:

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